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"One of the major causes of modern disease is lack of proper nutrition"

Visit Dee's Organic garden based on Food Forest principles, join one of her gardening workshops and let her show you how organic gardening can be your guide to healthy food and nutrition.

Take responsibility for your own health. Obesity is a manufactured disease. Share in Dee's passion for organic gardening, nutrition and healthy food.

Introduce children to the healthy food pyramid and food literacy with a copy of Grow Me Well.

Want to stop the obesity epidemic in its tracks??

Both Grow Me Well and Dee's presentations will help you prevent and reverse illness through understanding nutrition and your body. If you would like to take charge of YOUR health and understand the language of your body while discovering the healthiest diet then Grow Me Well is for you. Special Offer from Urban Remedy

Dee is exhibiting at the Lagoon Day 2015, Solution Finders EXPO on the 23rd October 2015, in The Cook Islands. Her stand is entitled "Dee Pigneguy with kiaTAERIA. Find out more... Lagoon Day pdf 1 and Lagoon Day pdf 2.
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organic gardening tutor, author, keynote speaker and workshop presenter.
She has extensive experience working with others to develop vibrant productive gardens.
Her sessions leave people with the understanding that making a garden is easy, doesn't have to be expensive and is not a hassle.
Stop the relentless nutrition propaganda let Grow Me Well empower you.
Dede Puppets launch Grow Me Well. Find out more...
She is also passionate about the importance of safe and nutritious food.