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Welcome, my name is Dee Pignéguy and I live in Manly on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. My website will allow you to explore my unique range of books, magazine articles, my workshops and my ecological gardening methods.

My well-researched non-fiction books are incredibly informative, helping to cultivate wonder in our world. You will find my views on gardening, nutrition, nature and well-being are inspired.

Should you want more information on gardening consultations, workshops, or an inspiring speaker, contact Dee.

Exploring Nature's Pattern MagicExploring Nature's Pattern MagicExploring Nature's Pattern Magic
Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic

Nature displays an endless variety of eye-catching patterns in a variety of form, colour and texture. Patterns help us understand how energy flows through nature's network of complex systems.

Geniuses like Leonardo de Vinci and Antoni Gaudi built their brains on nature. In designing the church Sagrada Familia Gaudi understood that nature is constructed by the laws of mathematics. The structural elements of this church were inspired by nature. The lesson he leaves us with is to look to nature for inspiration. He believed that nature was the richest source of inspiration and knowledge and that we need to understand how nature responds to its environment. His work anticipated the science of Biomimetics.

Exploring Nature's Pattern Magic is one of the most important science based children's books published in New Zealand by Mary Egan publishing. This original book will awe your imagination, become a source of inspiration and show you how nature developed the first world wide web.

We live in a World that is run by Nature and natural processes, based on the principles of Science.
The resulting stories are rich and variable and patterns make them visible.
When we use those patterns and their stories in citizen science and environmental education, we help to raise nature-literate humans, equipped to re-discover the Planet's operating manual.
Ruud Kleinpaste

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